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West African Development Bank and IBRAF discuss future projects and Brazil’s presence in a strategic plan

The president of the Brazil Africa institute, Prof. João Bosco Monte, met virtually with the president of the West African Development Bank (BOAD), Serge Ekué, to […]

VIDEO: Brazilian Cooperation Agency analyses projects with African countries and evaluates the impact of the pandemic

The director of the Brazilian Cooperation Agency (ABC), Ambassador Ruy Pereira, evaluated the institution’s activities with countries in the African continent during a special lecture of […]

Prof. Sarah Agbor proposes to link Education to Sustainable Development

Strengthen Education for Sustainable Development in formal, non-formal and informal settings, including the private sector. This is an urgent need, according to the African Union Commissioner […]

Analysis: High Level Dialogues on Feeding Africa

João Paulo Alves – International Analyst and Projects Coordinator at the Brazil Africa Institute The High Level Dialogues on Feeding Africa have brought up, once again, […]

“Materialize ideas into actions” – IBRAF President debates scenario for Brazilian private sector to invest in African countries

The President of the Brazil Africa Institute, Prof. João Bosco Monte, participated in the seminar “Brazil – Africa, Opportunities, Investments and Business”, organized by the Minas […]

Analysis: Brazil on the Leaders Summit on Climate

João Paulo Alves – International Analyst and Projects Coordinator at the Brazil Africa Institute The Leaders Summit on Climate brought together more than 40 leaders, with […]

Dr. Jennifer Blanke, from the African Risk Capacity Insurance Co, joins IBRAF Advisory Board

International reference in management, South-South Cooperation and sustainable development projects, Dr. Jennifer Blanke is the newest member of the Advisory Board of the Brazil Africa Institute. […]

Renewable Energy Seminar: panels and interviews available on YouTube

All the content of the Seminar Renewable Energy in Brazil and Africa: the Clean Engines of Economic Development is now available online at the YouTube channel […]

Seminar Renewable Energy in Brazil and Africa presents sector perspectives and opportunities for new projects

On March 30, the Brazil Africa Institute held the Seminar Renewable Energy in Brazil and Africa: the Clean Engines of Economic Development. The event gathered a […]
Joseph Nganga

The role that renewable energy can play in changing the realities of local communities is going to be addressed at Seminar Renewable Energy

Investing in renewable energy can bring improvements not only for the environment, but also for the social and economic development of the communities involved. This is […]
Patrick Dlamini

Aiming to increase investments in renewable energy in Africa, DBSA’s CEO Patrick Dlamini is going to address the challenges at IBRAF’s Seminar

Even though the African continent is making significant advances with its renewable energy projects, a lot more needs to be achieved. Right now, increasing investments is […]
NJ Ayuk

Challenges for developing Africa’s energy capacity addressed by African Energy Chamber Chairman NJ Ayuki at IBRAF’s Seminar

Africa has a great capacity for implementing renewable energy. However, it still faces difficulties for developing projects. This is the issue that NJ Ayuk, CEO of […]
Miquelina Menezes Julien

Seminar Renewable Energies in Brazil and Africa: highlighting the positive impact of the energy transition in rural communities in Mozambique

Within the African continent, the use of renewable energies has had a significant impact. In Mozambique, the reality is no different. It is in this context […]

Former Minister Celso Amorim analyzes Brazil’s foreign policy history, focusing on South-South Cooperation, in the opening lecture of the IBRAF Fellowship Program

The former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Defense of Brazil, Ambassador Celso Amorim, outlined a history of Brazilian foreign policy during the opening class of the […]

Head of UNIDO mission in Brazil underlines opportunities for cooperation with Africa in the “Seminar Renewable Energy in Brazil and Africa”

The opportunities for cooperation and technology-transfer between Brazil and Africa have a prominent place on the most updated discussions and this is the point that the […]