João Bosco Monte highlights private sector role at ICLEI 2024 World Congress

João Bosco Monte highlights youth empowerment and private sector role at ICLEI 2024 World Congress

João Bosco Monte, President and Founder of the Brazil Africa Institute, was a key speaker at the ICLEI 2024 World Congress (Local Governments for Sustainability), where he emphasized the necessity of collaboration for global sustainability. The event, held from June 18 to 21, 2024, was streamed live and can be watched here.

Professor Joao Bosco Monte advocated for the essential involvement of the private sector in sustainability efforts. “The role of the private sector must be unequivocally and imperatively encouraged,” he stated. “If we think that the resources come exclusively from the public authorities, the national and sub-national states, or the municipalities, we will be convinced that the resources, which are finite, will not reach the end, which is the people.”

Highlighting the need for youth involvement, he added, “I would also like to draw attention, along with the role of the private sector, to the empowerment we need to give to young people. I would like to see more young people in this room. The future lies with them. So it’s important, and this is a provocation for the next ICLEI meetings, that more young people are involved.”

He discussed the Brazil Africa Institute’s Youth Technical Training Program, launched in 2017, which trains young Africans in Brazil to apply their new skills in their home countries. “The young people open their minds, go back home and get more jobs and the municipality changes their reality. That’s what we need to do. The municipality is the base and the genesis and we need to think of absolute, real and true answers for the day-to-day running of municipalities.”

South America’s Pivotal Role in Global Climate and Nature Agendas

South America has become the focal point of global climate and nature agendas. With the Convention for Biological Diversity (CBD) COP16 in Cali, Colombia, in October 2024, and UNFCCC COP30 in the heart of the Amazon in Brazil next year, the world is turning to South America for leadership on these crucial sustainability issues.

The dynamic plenary session at ICLEI 2024 explored the significant interplay between these two global agendas and their impact on policy-making at all levels. Key representatives from Colombia and Brazil discussed the pressing need for an integrated approach to the climate and nature crises, emphasizing inclusive dialogues across all levels of government and civil society.

ICLEI members and leaders shared how these global processes influence local and regional initiatives, underscoring the necessity of global strategies to address the practical challenges faced by cities, towns, and regions worldwide. Advocates active in global arenas offered insights into the importance of local government engagement in these discussions.

The session highlighted how ICLEI members and partners can collaborate to engage effectively at the upcoming climate and biodiversity COPs, advocating for their interests and the vital role of local governments in advancing sustainability targets. This conversation bridged global and local efforts in building a sustainable future for all.