To train young African professionals in research and technology transfer,
transforming the minds of young people for positive change.

To train young African professionals im research and technology transfer,
transforming the minds of young people for positive change.

B razil Africa Institute (IBRAF), as facilitator of rapprochement between Brazil and Africa continent - focusing its actions in promoting economic and social development and combating poverty launches the Youth Technical Training Program - YTTP.

Besides unemployment, hunger and poverty are major challenges especially in under developing countries and agricultural and rural communities are highly vulnerable to external shocks. IBRAF recognizes the need to eradicate poverty and famine in our generation, and it points out the importance of having an integrated agricultural and rural development goal in the sustainable development agenda.

The YTTP uses an array of professional development schemes to meet diverse needs of African countries through utilizing Brazil's technology, skills and knowledge. The program focus in the following areas: agriculture and rural development, health, IT, education, information and communication, infrastructure and creative industry.


  • To bridge the gap of skills by developing and transforming the minds of young people for positive change

  • To combat poverty, and more fundamentally, to ensure the sustainable development of the continent

  • To train young African professionals in research and technology transfer, contributing to local capacity development

  • To support young unemployment African graduate to go into business as a well-paying career and in the process, create wealth and subsidiary employment

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Education is the most powerful weapon which we can use to change the world




Young Africans between 18 and 35 years old

Gender equality conditions will be prioritized

The participants from non-Portuguese-speaking countries may start their language learning at home and benefit from an extra month of conversation classes in Brazil, prior to the beginning of the program

The program will last up to three months

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we are planting a seed

The first class of YTTP was dedicated on agriculture, following the AfDB's strategy "Feeding Africa", which seeks the transformation of agriculture in Africa. For this first step, we selected 28 young people between 18 and 35 years from 16 countries, considering the equalization of gender and geographical distribution of participants.

The participants received training on the production chain of cassava in Cruz das Almas, Bahia, in the premises of Embrapa Cassava & Fruits, partner of Brazil Africa Institute in the first edition of the program. The training was held in 2017, from October 9 to November 21, and aimed to spread the knowledge of the key technologies of culture, allowing an increase in production and income of farmers.

Soil conservation, nutrition, integrated pest and disease management, production systems, pest identification in the field are some of the topics covered in the program of studies, which was have a strong practical component, with several technical visits included in the program.


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