“Materialize ideas into actions” – IBRAF President debates scenario for Brazilian private sector to invest in African countries

The President of the Brazil Africa Institute, Prof. João Bosco Monte, participated in the seminar “Brazil – Africa, Opportunities, Investments and Business”, organized by the Minas Gerais Trade and Business Association (ACMinas).

Analysing the current scenario of relations between Brazil and the countries of the African continent, the President considered that “ideas need to be materialized in actions, in something concrete”.

“Brazil needs to go to Africa because it is the continent that, today, has the potential. Brazil has a very volatile economy. The economy today is fine, but tomorrow it is not, and Brazilian private sector needs to find another way ”.

Also present, the CEO of Standard Bank, Natália Dias, argued on the reasons why Brazil is not doing business with Africa, unlike other countries, and reinforced that “it is necessary to know the characteristics of the African market”.

Reinforcing the same idea, IBRAF President stated that the affinities between Brazilian and African business communities need to be stimulated. Private entities can serve as a “catalyst” for a rapprochement environment, but it is also necessary to involve government agents at all levels.

“If we do not have a government action, the rhetoric does not move forward. It is mandatory that we, civil society, entrepreneurs, charge governments to do their homework. There is no use, for example, having visa difficulties. How does an African businessman come to do business here in Brazil if he has a visa problem?”.

Former Brazilian Minister of Agriculture, Alysson Paulinelli pointed out that “Brazil and Africa complement each other. This complementarity needs to be better used by both areas”.

“We are still a country that has internal problems, our economy is weak, but our technology is available, it is growing. We are heading towards another great leap, which is the bioeconomy. Brazil is in front of developed countries in it, we are the owners, and the tropical climate favors us ”, emphasized the former Minister.