Exhibition “Mandela: International Icon for World Peace” opens in May in Brasília

Photo: Louise Gubb

The Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF) is bringing to Brazil the unprecedented exhibition “Mandela – International Icon for World Peace”, a collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation (Johannesburg). The exhibition has free entrance and will tour several Brazilian cities between 2024 and 2025, making its debut in Brasilia on May 7.

The exhibition is a profound tribute to the legacy of Nelson Mandela, a towering figure in the global struggle for justice, equality and peace. Through a collection of 50 pieces, including photographs and videos, visitors will embark on an evocative journey through the remarkable life of this revolutionary leader.  

“We are honored to bring this inspiring exhibition to Brazil, offering a unique opportunity to reflect on the impact of Nelson Mandela’s indomitable spirit and his unwavering commitment to peace,” says professor João Bosco Monte, president of the Brazil Africa Institute.

The exhibition highlights Mandela’s reconciliatory personality and how he dedicated his life to transforming his country, inspiring to this day the search for a less unequal world. In addition, the collection offers a multifaceted portrait of the former South African president’s life, from his early activism to his historic presidency.

“Through viewing these images, participants will gain a deeper understanding of Mandela’s enduring relevance as an international symbol of hope, resilience and the power of dialogue to transcend social division,” comments Christopher Till, curator of the exhibition and founder of the Javett Art Center (Pretoria).

The exhibition “Mandela – International Icon for World Peace” opens at Brasilia International Airport, where more than 2.3 million people traveled in February 2024 alone, according to airport operational data. The exhibition is designed to appeal to audiences of all ages, origins and nationalities.