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27 de julho de 2018
Capital of Brazil, Brasilia prepares to receive Mandela exhibition
17 de agosto de 2018

Ambassador of Ghana to Brazil visits Mandela exhibition

Ambassador Busia visiting the exhibition in Fortaleza city

The exhibition Mandela: from Prisoner to President in Fortaleza city, Brazil, has been extended due to popular demand. It runs through to August 12 at Dragão do Mar Cultural Center.

The exhibition is curated by the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa, and is organized in Brazil by the Brazil Africa Institute. Fortaleza is the first Brazilian city to receive it.

Ambassador of Ghana to Brazil, Prof. Abena Busia visited the exhibition during her coming to Fortaleza to give a workshop about Black History and poetry as part of the Mandela Day activities in the city.

The exhibition presents Mandela’s life divided into six phases: “The Person,” “The Comrade,” “The Leader,” “The Prisoner,” “The Negotiator,” and “The Man of State.” 52 panels with photos and videos build on the narrative from the start of Mandela’s activism against the racist regime of the South African government until the election as the first president elected democratically in South Africa. One of the exclusive pieces is a poem written by Ambassador Busia in the early hours of the morning of February 11, 1990 while the world was awaiting for Mandela’s imminent release after 27 years in prison.

During a moment of reflection while seeing the pieces, Ambassador Busia shares her thoughts on Mandela’s life and legacy and how the exhibition could help to enlighten African History.