West African Development Bank and IBRAF discuss future projects and Brazil’s presence in a strategic plan

The president of the Brazil Africa institute, Prof. João Bosco Monte, met virtually with the president of the West African Development Bank (BOAD), Serge Ekué, to discuss future joint initiatives.

One of the action lines will be through IBRAF’s capacity building programs for young professionals, the Youth Technical Training Program and the Online Professional Learning. The objective is to promote the socioeconomic development of West African countries in areas such as food production, renewable energy and water management. 

“We have already had the participation of young professionals from some West African countries in our trainings, but promoting a partnership with this specific focus will certainly be enriching, and president Ekué recognizes the value of the results that can be achieved through our projects”, said the president of IBRAF.

Another topic on the table of the meeting was the Djoliba Strategic Plan, recently launched by BOAD, which outlines the bank’s commitments for the next five years, focusing on the development of the region in priority areas: agriculture and food security, renewable energy, basic infrastructure, health, education and housing.

The president of BOAD said that he expects “to be able to count on Brazil and the Brazilians to achieve the objectives of the plan”, which foresees resources of € 5.03 billions.

Opening opportunities for the Brazilian private sector in West African countries has been part of dialogues promoted by IBRAF. Serge Ekué attended the 2020 edition of the Brazil Africa Forum, engaging in an exclusive round table for entrepreneurs in the infrastructure sector. He has already accepted the invitation made by Prof. João Bosco Monte to participate in BAF 2021, strengthening BOAD dialogue with Brazilian stakeholders.