VIDEO: The Fourth Sector and post-pandemic recovery, by Jennifer Blanke

The Covid-19 pandemic crisis has called up all sectors in a search for solutions that not only interrupt the escalation of several problems, but that also find positive scenarios for a future recovery.

And how about the Fourth Sector?

For Dr. Jennifer Blanke, non-executive director at African Risk Capacity and member of the Advisory Board of the Brazil Africa Institute, it is possible to harness the Fourth Sector to achieve an economic recovery for the benefit of all.

“What I like about the Fourth Sector is that it’s a new way of thinking about how we need to do economic systems differently” says Dr. Jennifer Blanke. Invited by IBRAF, she presents an analysis of how this “blending” between governments, the private sector and non-governmental organizations can add up positively in the future.

“We are bouncing back, hopefully soon, from a massive dislocation, a huge crisis, and I see the Fourth Sector has been a really important way of ensuring that the recovery does benefit all without destroying the planet hopefully”.

Watch the video with the presentation