O futuro das relações entre Brasil e África: o que pensam os pré-candidatos à Presidência da República brasileira
28 de junho de 2018
Mandela Day celebrated in Fortaleza city, Brazil
20 de julho de 2018

The future of relations between Brazil and Africa: what do the pre-candidates for the Presidency of Brazil think?

The Brazil Africa Institute initiates a dialogue project with the pre-candidates for the Presidency of Brazil. The objective is to understand what is on the pre-candidate’s list when it comes to the future of relations between Brazil and the African continent.

The project will be held during the month of July. All pre-candidates will be invited to a conversation with IBRAF’s president. The result will be an analytical document that will gather the contributions of all the participating pre-candidates, produced and disseminated by the Institute in the first half of August, accompanying the moment of formalization of the candidacies.

The historical link between Brazil and Africa, with the African diaspora being responsible for building the identity of Brazil today, justifies the necessary attention to the theme. “We also understand that this is the appropriate time for the Brazilian people to know what may be ahead in the country’s relationship with Africa,” says the president of the Brazil Africa Institute João Bosco Monte.

African economy is growing. Brazil has exported more to the continent from January to April this year than in the same period of 2017. Africa is open for development, with a young and dynamic population ready to meet investors’ expectations.