IBRAF takes part in the seminar “Brazil-Africa: New bridges over the river called the Atlantic”

This Wednesday and Thursday, May 22nd and 23rd, the Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF) is participating in the seminar titled “Brasil-África: Novas pontes sobre o rio chamado Atlântico” (Brazil-Africa: forging new connections across the Atlantic), hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Alexandre de Gusmão Foundation at the Itamaraty Palace in Brasilia.

Professor João Bosco Monte, the President of IBRAF, joins esteemed panelists in discussing “African Heritage: mobilizing the diaspora in preparation for the gathering of the ‘6th region of the African Union’ in Salvador.” The panel includes distinguished figures such as Ambassador José Pedro Chantre d’Oliveira of the Republic of Cape Verde, Ambassador Abena Busia of the Republic of Ghana, Ambassador Amr Aljowaily, the African Union’s advisor for Strategic Affairs, and Minister Anielle Franco, representing the Brazilian Federal Government’s Ministry for Racial Equality, among others.

The seminar coincides with Africa Day, celebrated on May 25th, and underscores Brazil’s renewed emphasis on diplomatic ties with African nations. The program pays homage to the late Ambassador Alberto da Costa e Silva, a pivotal figure in shaping Brazil’s engagement with the African continent. Additionally, discussions will cover pertinent issues including climate change, energy transition, shifts in global governance structures, efforts to combat hunger and inequality, and matters pertinent to the African diaspora.

Watch the full programme:
Day 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5xuk8pOXOc
Day 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kVOEpCLnKP4