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The IBRAF Fellowship Program on South-South and Triangular Cooperation (IFP) aims to overcome the gap between studying and engaging in international cooperation, taking scholars and professionals to hands on experiences in Brazil in order to explore, understand and disclose good practices and projects in socieconomic development

CLASS 2021


  • Marie-Lousie Aren

    Marie-Lousie Aren


    Research: A Comparative Examination of the Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisition and Corporate Tax Treaty in Africa and Brazil as a Means for Foreign Direct Investment and Trade Facilitation

  • Reneiloe Ditshego

    Reneiloe Ditshego

    South Africa
    Research: New Digital Economy: Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the Age of Insight: Lessons from the Covid-19 Pandemic in Brazil and Southern Africa
  • Lucía Rodríguez Torresi

    Lucía Rodríguez Torresi

    Research: Triangular cooperation: What value does it add? Three cases (Brazil/Africa) analyzed through the OECD toolkit
  • Sidnoma Nita Belemsobgo

    Sidnoma Nita Belemsobgo

    Burkina Faso

    Research: Towards curbing environmental challenges in the world: a comparative study between Brazil and Burkina Faso

  • Perihan Tawfik

    Perihan Tawfik


    Research: How can the Egyptian Dairy Value Chain benefit from the Brazilian experience in providing Business Development Services?

  • Marina Figueira Lucas

    Marina Figueira Lucas


    Research: South-South Cooperation and Regionalism for Public Health

  • Francisco

    Francisco de Carvalho Santana


    Research: Analysis and mapping of agricultural practices associated with Agriculture 4.0 in Brazil to substantiate the adoption of similar methods in Angolan agriculture

  • Blessing Charuka

    Research: Optimizing Supply Chain Finance in Brazil South-South and Triangular Cooperation


Dr. Adriana Abdenur

Key area: Technical Cooperation and Capacity-Building

Dr. Frannie Leautier

Key-area: Trade and Investments across the South Atlantic

Dr. Kapil

Key-area: Demography, Urbanization, Housing and Public Health

Dr. Martin

Key-area: Agriculture, Agri-business and Rural Development

Dr. Pedro

Key-area: Economic and Sustainable Development