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Being a facilitator of good practices, the Brazil Africa Institute connects names and brands that are references in a range of segments. By becoming our partner, you open the door to members of our network, who bring a unique and diverse set of experiences, adopt our values and combine your name with our credibility, expertise and commitment.

How about seeing real results in practice? Just choose one of the categories below and join our program!

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Individual Partners

Individuals, such as consultants, researchers, professionals, investors, philanthropists, community leaders and entrepreneurs can become partners of the Brazil Africa Institute. Now is the time to make a difference and discover new ways to collaborate across borders!

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Corporate Partners

For the private sector, from small businesses to multinationals enterprises, it is crucial to have access to accurate data and tools to expand your results. Set the pace for decision-making, fostering policies and strategies on a global scale by being part of our network's network!

Hippolyte Fofack
Chief Economist and Director of Research and International Cooperation of the Afreximbank
"I would like to thank the Brazil Africa Institute for maintaining and deepening the partnerships and cooperation between Africa and Brazil"
Daniel Balaban
Director of the Centre of Excellence Against Hunger (WFP Brazil)
"I have been following the Brazil Africa Forum since the first edition and see how much the event has grown"
John A. Kufuor
Former President of the Republic of Ghana
“The relations between Brazil and Africa have to be sustained and promoted and that is what Prof. Bosco does, and I fully support him. I wish the Brazil Africa Institute a long and prosperous life”
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Go beyond with us

Encourage cooperation at regional and international levels
Contribute to the global international cooperation agenda
Connect with decision makers and establish new bridges for dialogue
Take part in IBRAF events around the world
Find solutions to achieve the best results for your projects
Collaborate with IBRAF working groups, webinars, projects and conferences
Share your solutions with the international community
And much more...

Join our growing network of partners

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Questions on partnerships?