Opening of the exhibition Mandela, Ícone Mundial de Reconciliação in Brasilia

From the left, curator Christopher Till; president of IBRAF João Bosco Monte;
ambassador of South Africa to Brazil, Vusi Mavimbela; and Brazilian ambassador Carlos Sobral Duarte. Photo: Liliane Soares

The Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF) inaugurated the exhibition “Mandela, Ícone Mundial de Reconciliação” at Brasília’s International Airport in May 7th. The opening ceremony was attended by African ambassadors, diplomats, Brazilian government officials, and representatives from sponsor companies, all gathered to honor the life and legacy of Nelson Mandela.

Organized by IBRAF in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Foundation, this unprecedented exhibition features 50 photographic panels depicting significant moments in the career of the South African leader. Highlights include his 27-year imprisonment on Robben Island, his historic presidency, and intriguing aspects of his personal life, such as his passion for sports like boxing and running, and his academic achievements in Arts and Law.

“When we think of Nelson Mandela, we think of someone who endured 27 years of imprisonment and yet harbored no bitterness. Instead, upon his release, Mandela united people with differing views, recognizing that collaboration was key to finding solutions beneficial for South Africa, the African continent, and the world. In these times of global conflict, Mandela’s legacy teaches us that reaching common ground for the common good is possible,” remarked IBRAF’s president, Professor João Bosco Monte.

The exhibition was curated by Christopher Till, the founding director of the Apartheid Museum in South Africa. “Amidst today’s global conflicts, we often wonder where the unifying figures are. Nelson Mandela’s message, as conveyed through this exhibition, offers insight into addressing these challenges,” explained Till.

Distinguished guests at the opening ceremony included Brazilian ambassador Carlos Duarte, Secretary for Africa and the Middle East at the Ministry of External Affairs; Vusi Mavimbela, Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa to Brazil; Jacques-Michel Moudoute Bell, Ambassador of the Gabonese Republic; M’bala Alfredo Fernandes, Ambassador of the Republic of Guinea-Bissau; José Pedro Chantre D’Oliveira, Ambassador of the Republic of Cabo Verde; Abena Busia, Ambassador of the Republic of Ghana; Jacinto Maguni, Ambassador of the Republic of Mozambique; alongside other diplomats, Brazilian government representatives, supporting companies, and admirers of Nelson Mandela.

The exhibition, which will run until June 10, 2024, is supported by Brasília International Airport and the companies Expansa, Fictor, Golden Cloud Technology, IPQ, and Grupo NTSec.

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