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8 de abril de 2018
Government of the State of Ceara supports the Mandela exhibition
15 de abril de 2018

Mandela exhibition: Director of the Apartheid Museum visits Fortaleza

Christopher Till, IBRAF's President, Dra. Busia and Dragão do Mar representatives

The Director of the Apartheid Museum, Christopher Till, and the President of the Brazil Africa Institute visited this Friday (13) the Dragão do Mar Cultural Center in Fortaleza, first Brazilian city to receive the exhibition Mandela: from Prisoner to President. The Ambassador of Ghana to Brazil, Abena Busia, also joined the visit. Drª Busia is member of the Organizing Committee of IBRAF for the exhibition.

The visit was the first step to start the technical arrangements to set the exhibition in Fortaleza. The director of the Apartheid Museum says this is an amazing opportunity for the Brazilian people get in touch with the legacy of Mandela.

The exhibition Mandela: from Prisoner to President arrives for the first time in Brazil for a five months season. It opens in June in Fortaleza, goes to Brasília and Salvador.

Christopher Till, IBRAF´s President and Ambassador Busia

The exhibit shows Nelson Mandela’s life from the beginning of his activism against the racist regime of the South African government, highlightening the period of 28 years in prison, his victory in the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize, and the election as the first black president of South Africa in 1994. Among the pieces are photos and videos produced by various artists. There will also be a replica of the Nelson Mandela’s prison cell, in Robben Island, where the South African leader remained for 18 years in jail.

Mandela exhibition is curated by the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa, and was conceived in 2008. It has already been seen for more than one million people in France, Sweden, the United States, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Luxembourg.

This is the ideal moment for the opening of the exhibit in Brazil: 2018 marks the centennial of Mandela and the sixth edition of the Brazil Africa Forum will be held in Salvador, Brazil, in November, the month of the celebration of the National Day of Black Consciousness.