IBRAF inicia o YTTP com capacitação em pós colheita da mandioca para jovens africanos
4 de November de 2019
IBRAF develops a catalogue of agricultural practices in partnership with IFAD and ASAP
18 de November de 2019

IBRAF starts the YTTP on post-harvest processing of cassava for young Africans

The Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF) has initiated a new edition of the Youth Technical Training Program (YTTP) in partnership with Embrapa, the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the German Corporation for International Cooperation (GIZ). The program will provide to 26 young Africans post-harvest processing of cassava specialization training.

YTTP has been consolidating itself as one of the main technology transfer programs between Brazil and the African continent, strengthening the South-South cooperation policy. During the workshop, young people from various nations of Africa will learn about the practices and techniques of Brazilian cassava agriculture and the possibilities to apply them in their reality.

This year, 26 young from Ghana, Malawi and Nigeria are participating in the training, which takes place from November 4th to 13th, in Cruz das Almas, in the State of Bahia, and will be finalized at the Brazil Africa Forum 2019, which will take place in São Paulo.

According to the president of IBRAF, João Bosco Monte, the YTTP creates the opportunity to build a relationship between Brazil and Africa in the areas of training and knowledge sharing.

“As a professor, I know we need to work with the youth in order to go further as a global community. In this case, the YTTP comes up with the purpose of training young Africans, bringing them to Brazil and creating ties of cooperation,” he explains.