IBRAF intermediates project to boost rice production chain in Ghana, with MoU between CAMPO and Intervalle

The Brazil Africa Institute is the facilitator for an agreement that will boost the rice production and value chain in Ghana, West Africa, opening doors for technology transfer and new business opportunities with Brazil.

On Tuesday (15), representatives of Campo Group and Intervalle Group, two of the largest companies in the agricultural sector in Brazil and Ghana respectively, signed a Memorandum of Understanding for three development projects focused on the modernization and mechanization of the supply and value chain of rice, with transfer of Brazilian technologies, participation of experts and monitoring of the local Ghanaian production chain.

“We will start with the project in the southern region of Ghana and also further north, on the border with Burkina Faso. We are prepared to provide all the technical support and transfer all the technology and knowledge about irrigated rice production that we have, using the best and most sustainable practices for tropical agriculture. We are prepared to provide this support and create this exchange. And we are going to learn a lot, as we are now within an effective production project”, says the Project Coordinator of Campo Group, Cézar Rizzi.

For the CEO of Intervalle Group, Njack Kane, the project marks a transforming moment for the country.

“The momentum is so perfect as Ghana is embarking in these new transformative projects. The big interest of this new partnership is that from day one will be able to jointly demonstrate on something concrete, and being on the basis of this partnership, being able to execute together such a project”, says Intervalle CEO.

Negotiations between the two companies have been taking place for about a year, initiated by the Brazil Africa Institute, which identified the potential for convergence for the initiative.

“The signing of the MoU is just the beginning, as I understand that we have something in front of us with unique possibilities. This project opens doors for governments, the private sector and civil society to engage. I am confident that Campo, for the work it is already doing in Brazil and Africa, and Intervalle, for its vast network and capacity to transform ideas into actions, will have a long life together, with IBRAF being the third arm of this initiative”, says the President of the Brazil Africa Institute. Prof. João Bosco Monte.

The calendar foresees that within a month the two companies will sign the formal contract.

“We were keen on returning to work in Ghana, an organized country, with a land that has the possibility of developing good agricultural work, so the expectation is very good. Even more so with the participation of Professor João Bosco in coordinating this work. We’ve been talking to him for years and now this opportunity arises. I thank IBRAF”, says Emiliano Botelho, CEO of Campo Group.

The Brazil Africa Institute will continue to facilitate the initiative, fostering dialogue with other stakeholders.

“This is a very special moment for the Brazil Africa Institute. We started the materialization of a project that, I hope, will be very intense for the next three, four years”, states IBRAF’s President.