IBRAF extends expertise: invited to inaugural session of Tourism Investment Forum Africa

Vista aérea da Cidade do Cabo. Foto: Tobias Reich/Unsplash

Capetown. Photo: Tobias Reich/Unsplash

The President of the Brazil Africa Institute (IBRAF), Professor João Bosco Monte, is currently in Cape Town, South Africa, where he has been invited as a distinguished guest to attend the inaugural session of the Tourism Investment Forum Africa (TIFA). This event serves as a prominent global platform aimed at fostering the development and economic advancement of African destinations, while also facilitating the exploration of investment and trade prospects across associated sectors.

Conducted in collaboration with World Travel Market Africa (WTM), the forthcoming second edition of the forum is scheduled to occur from April 10 to 12, 2024. Guest speakers include ministers and officials from various tourism departments representing nations such as South Africa, Cape Verde, Namibia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Sierra Leone. Additionally, attendees can anticipate the participation of ambassadors, investors, and delegates hailing from both the African and international private tourism sectors.

“In parallel with Brazil, Africa presents remarkable destinations and genuine, transformative experiences for tourists, while also representing a reservoir of exceptional investment prospects. I firmly assert that Africa will emerge as a significant force in global tourism in the upcoming years,” remarked Professor João Bosco Monte, President of IBRAF.

Through the convergence of political figures, entrepreneurs, and investors, TIFA fosters a platform for the exchange of financial solutions and opportunities among African nations and the global community.

During its previous edition in 2023, the event convened over 190 delegates, showcasing participation from 13 countries, with presentations spanning more than 50 projects and investment prospects, collectively valued at over 40 billion dollars.

– In 2022, revenues from international tourism reached the US$ 1 trillion mark, a 50% increase compared to 2021; 

– In 2023, Africa recovered 96% of the international tourists who visited the continent in the pre-pandemic period;

– Between January and July 2023, the northern region of the continent showed an 8% increase in international arrivals compared to 2019;

– In the same period, Ethiopia (+28%), Tanzania (+19%), and Morocco (+15%) surpassed their respective pre-pandemic levels.

*Source: World Tourism Organization (Africa News Issue 22).