Nobel Peace Prize winner, José Ramos-Horta talks about his participation as keynote speaker at the 6th Brazil Africa Forum
8 de junho de 2018
Launching exhibition about Nelson Mandela from the Apartheid Museum for the first time in Brazil
21 de junho de 2018

Exhibition about Nelson Mandela to open for the first time in Brazil

The Brazil Africa Institute brings to Brazil, for the first time, the exhibition Mandela: from Prisoner to President. The exhibition opens to the public on June 20th at the Dragão do Mar Cultural Center in Fortaleza and marks the celebrations for Mandela’s Centennial.

The exhibition presents Mandela’s life divided into six phases: “The Person,” “The Comrade,” “The Leader,” “The Prisoner,” “The Negotiator,” and “The Man of State.” 52 panels with photos and videos build on the narrative from the start of Mandela’s activism against the racist regime of the South African government until the election as the first president elected democratically in South Africa.

Director of the Apartheid Museum and the President of the Brazil Africa Institute

The exhibition is curated by the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg, South Africa, and was conceived in 2008. It has already been seen in France, Sweden, the United States, Ecuador, Argentina, Peru and Luxembourg by more than one million people. The director of the Apartheid Museum, Christopher Till, is in Fortaleza for the arrangements of the exhibition.

Mandela: from Prisoner to President stands in Fortaleza from June 20 to July 30, the month in which the centennial of the South African leader is celebrated. Admission is free.