Dr. Jennifer Blanke, from the African Risk Capacity Insurance Co, joins IBRAF Advisory Board

International reference in management, South-South Cooperation and sustainable development projects, Dr. Jennifer Blanke is the newest member of the Advisory Board of the Brazil Africa Institute. She is optimistic about the possibilities of cooperation with Brazil.

“I am delighted to join the Advisory Board of the Brazil Africa Institute and lend my support to its important work aimed at fostering deeper south-south cooperation for accelerated and sustainable growth and development in Africa, and greater knowledge exchange in both directions,” she says.

Dr. Jennifer Blanke currently holds the position as Non-Executive Director at African Risk Capacity Insurance Company Ltd., and sits on the boards of various not-for-profit and development-focused entities. She also has extensive executive experience at institutions such as the World Economic Forum and the African Development Bank Group.

Due to similar interests in the field of project development, Dr. Jennifer Blanke was already close to the Brazil Africa Institute. In 2020 she was one of the speakers at the Brazil Africa Forum, being a panelist in the session “Technical and Scientific Cooperation for Sustainable Solutions in the Future“.

“Our Advisory Board definitely gets even stronger and more relevant with the presence of Dr. Jennifer Blanke. We hope that now we can strengthen ties, thinking and developing projects together”, says Professor João Bosco Monte, President of the Brazil Africa Institute.

Listen to the analysis of Dr. Jennifer Blanke on the relations between Brazil and the countries of the African continent and her expectations for joining IBRAF’s Advisory Board.