Brazil Africa Institute is going to hold two editions of YTTP with participants from Senegal in Fortaleza
18 de March de 2020
IBRAF signs Memorandum of Understanding with Atepa Group
23 de March de 2020

COVID-19 – IBRAF’s President Message

Dear friends and partners,

Aware of the global scenario, and cognizant of the recommendations of the World Health Organization, IBRAF expresses its empathy and solidarity with the societies affected by COVID-19.

Amid the pandemic, Brazil and Africa find themselves in worrying scenarios, with thousands of families affected by the spread of the disease; still at the beginning of the crisis, however, we have the opportunity to act in the best of ways. IBRAF, as an international civil society organization, is aware of its responsibility for monitoring, evaluating and reporting the situation within and outside the country.

Taking this into account, IBRAF seeks, at the same time, to preserve the health of its employees, adopting the home-office as a mandatory practice, and to maintain its services and projects, catalyzing, with more motivation, international cooperation for development. We keep our communication channels available to society, always aiming at the well-being of Brazil and its confreres on the African continent. To our partners, we reiterate our commitment to multilateral and bilateral actions of all kinds, and we will move forward in the most productive and swift way possible.

Together and with a lot of effort, I am sure that we will be able to overcome this pandemic and that better days are yet to come.

Warm regards,

João Bosco Monte

President of the Brazil Africa Institute