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25 de outubro de 2017
5th Brazil Africa Forum promotes meetings and dialogues in São Paulo
27 de novembro de 2017

Brazil Africa Institute participates in UN event about Global South

Following an extensive agenda of activities during the 5th Brazil Africa Forum, the president of Brazil Africa Institute, João Bosco Monte, is in Antalya, Turkey, where he participates in the Global South-South Development Expo 2017 (GSSD Expo). This event, offered by the United Nations system, provides a powerful platform to showcase Southern development solutions, celebrate South-South and triangular cooperation success, share knowledge and lessons learned, explore new avenues for collaboration, and initiate new partnership efforts.

João Bosco Monte will be panelist in three forums of the event. The forum “ILO Solution on Skills Development, Youth Employment in the Framework of South-South and Triangular Cooperation” aims to present development solutions relevant to youth and women employment in the framework of South-South and triangular cooperation. On this occasion, João Bosco Monte will present the experience of the Youth Technical Training Program (YTTP). “Several challenges of different African countries were faced by Brazil. This empathetic aspect forces us to reflect on the need to intensify South South Cooperation. Brazil Africa Institute in fulfillment of its mission of nurturing interactions between Brazil and the African continent by focusing its actions on promoting economic and social development and combating poverty, designed the Youth Technical Training Program (YTTP)”, reveals.

5th Brazil Africa Forum – Trends in Innovation and Technology for sustainnable development. Photo: Léo Barrilari

The forum “WFP’s Approach to South-South Cooperation: Building the Network of Centers of Excellence for South-South Cooperation” will also have the participation the president of IBRAF. Brazil and China partnered with WFP to create a network of Center of Excellences. This network  has become WFP’s most important mechanism for promotion of South-South and triangular cooperation to facilitate country-led efforts to improve food security and nutrition.

João Bosco Monte also will participate in a dialogue about the promotion of ICT for Rural Development in the context of the 2030 Agenda in the forum “The role of South-South and Triangular Cooperation in the promotion of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) for Rural Development” .


The Global South-South Development Expo 2017 is hosted by the Republic of Turkey and will take place in Antalya from 27 to 30 November 2017. The theme of this Expo is “South-South Cooperation in the Era of Economic, Social and Environmental Transformation: Road to the 40th Anniversary of the Adoption of the Buenos Aires Plan of Action (BAPA+40)”.

For further information: http://www.expo.unsouthsouth.org/