Eleições 2018: que futuro há para a relação Brasil-África?
26 de September de 2018
IBRAF establishes partnership with the John A. Kufuor Foundation
28 de September de 2018

2018 Elections: what future is there for the Brazil-Africa relations?

“The Future of Brazil-Africa Relations: Analysis of Candidate Proposals for the Presidency of the Republic of Brazil” analyzes the government plans of the 13 candidates for President. Prepared by Brazil Africa Institute, the document sets out what is on the agenda of the candidates and proposes a reflection on what is necessary for a resumption of the common agenda between Brazil and the countries of the African continent.

The analysis, released on Wednesday (26), shows that only five of the thirteen presidential candidates mention Africa in their government plans. They are: Ciro Gomes (PDT), Fernando Haddad (PT), Guilherme Boulos (Psol), João Goulart Filho (PPL) and Marina Silva (Rede). However, in general, there is no development of concrete proposals. “We understand that by neglecting Africa and the prospects that the continent presents, with an increasingly attraction for global investments, the candidates demonstrate that they do not have the proposals minimally aligned with the reality of the world”, says the President of the Brazil Africa Institute, Professor João Bosco Monte.

The historical connection between Brazil and Africa, with the African diaspora being responsible for building the identity of the Brazilian people justifies the attention the theme needs. “We also understand that this is the right time for the Brazilian people to know what can be ahead in the country’s relationship with Africa, a continent that is open to development, with a young and dynamic population ready to meet expectations,” Prof. Monte adds.